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About Us

"Wisdom, tolerance, innovation, diligence, self-discipline, collaboration and dedication"

"Wisdom and tolerance": refers to Shuangheyi international elite team's continuous collection of knowledge crystals, continuous output of wisdom-based innovations, the spirit of learning and openness to tolerate people, and the "bee"-style wisdom and professionalism to enhance corporate competitiveness.

"Acumen and innovation": refers to the "bee"-like acumen in the market and scientific research during the strategic transition period, to grasp market opportunities, control high-end technology, lead development through innovation, and achieve breakthroughs in new products and fields.

"Diligence, self-discipline, collaboration and dedication" refers to the "bee" type of diligence, dedication, teamwork and efficiency of Shuangheyi people, focusing on brewing the "nectar" of the world energy field, giving full play to the creativity and potential of employees, and achieving people-oriented sustainable development.